Brake Service, Repair and Testing

When talking brakes you shouldn't leave it to the point that brake repairs become needed. Regular inspections are performed with all full car services overseen at Le Mans Motors, are a necessity to make sure the braking system is well cared for. Our technicians will be able to warn you when they feel that repairs or servicing of a car's brake system is a wise move to prevent it becoming a more serious issue.

Brake services we conduct at Le Mans Motors include:

Replacement of Brake Pads, Brake Fluid Flushing and Replacement, Brake Disc/Rotor and Drum Machining or Resurfacing, Brake Disc and Drum Replacement, Brake Caliper Replaced, Replace the Brake Hoses and Lines and Complete Brake System Replacement.

Brake warning signs to be mindful of:

Brake Pedal Feels Sticky, Brakes Very Noisy, Swerving when Braking, Vibration under Braking, Brake Light Warning, Brake Pedal Seems Spongy, Changes in stopping distance and Brake Pedal Feels Hard.


The next generation of braking is here

Get brake service in Le Mans Motors with next generation brake pads and a nation wide warranty for immediately superior braking performance. With a stop ready stripe and being the first pad on the Australian market utilising the unique Radial Chamfer Technology, next generation brake pads deliver first-rate braking performance. The stop ready stripe ensures the pads are ready to go without bedding in while the advanced ceramic formulation and NBR silent Guard shim enable a stable, dust free, quiet braking experience.