Do NOT wait till your
little problem becomes big

Choose our Essential car mechanical repairs option to ensure your car is running as smoothly and safely as possible. During our Essential mechanical Service, your vehicle is road-tested and you receive a report of our inspection upon completion.

Change engine oil and filter

During the maintenance service, we drain the oil, replace the oil plug and replace the filter

Transmission Repairs - Check and top up all oils and fluids

The engine oil is topped up along with the other fluids, which would include the checking and topping up, if required, of the transmission fluid, brake fluid, power-steering fluid and any anti-freeze fluids or coolants.


Check steering and suspension

Checking the steering and the suspension of your vehicle, as you can imagine, is very important for the safe operation of the car. Issues relating to damaged CV joints or axles can lead to more serious and much more costly problems. This is why we check this thoroughly before giving you the green light.